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..welcome. Mar. 14th, 2004 @ 09:27 am Next Entry
duhm. should be a grand opening but right now it isn't a good idea.


just sth about the mod :

Name : Maggie
Age : 15
Location : Wroclaw, Poland.
What is fahion for you? My own everythin, my life, my way to express myself.
Your style : in one word..i'd say URBAN.
Your best feature : face & legs
Your favourite designer and why? John Galliano becuz he's never out of brilliant ideas and he's amazingly precise in everything he does but in the end it looks like he spent 5 minutes on it. and Marc Jacobs because of he's tender courage, bringin' on the old thoughts in a new way and because he understands women and exatcly knows what we want.
Your favourite label and why? Dolce&Gabbana because it's the essence of Italy (<3333) and because they're sexy but not gross.
Your favourite store? Diesel, H&M, Urban Outfitters & ZARA
Your favourite model and why? Carmen Kass because she's beautiful on the outside and the inside and got her own unique style, everything looks good on her. but i also got lots of love for Liya Kebede (she's born beautiful, a classic beauty), Fernanda Tavares (the sexiest smile on th earth) & Mariacarla Boscone (stunning eyes

gonna add some pics later. hey, I can do it, i'm mod :P.
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musica: kylie - red blooded woman
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